Monday, November 21, 2011

The Things Kids Say.....

Oh what fun it is to be a teacher! You hear some of the most hilarious things from kids. I am sure I have already forgotten a great deal, but I wanted to jot a few down before they are erased from my memory forever. Here are a few of my favorite teacher-student moments; some are funny, while others are sweet, but they all make the list of favorite moments.

1) All time favorite moment: After coming back from a week long vacation I asked students in my PE class how their break was. People of the international culture often travel home or elsewhere every chance they get. On this vacation my students traveled to places like Egypt, Hawaii, and Australia. I noticed one of my 8 year old boys seemed very tan. I said, “Ivan you are so tan even your teeth look tan!” His reply, “Oh no, that’s because I forgot to brush my teeth today!” At which, all students around him scattered in disgust…. But it was a funny moment for all of us, including Ivan.

2) While at a school picnic Connor, a 6 year old boy, came to me and wrapped his arms around my leg. He looked up and smiled at me and said with much enthusiasm, “Hi Mrs. Runyan!” This moment made me happy to be a teacher.

3) Adam always says, “Puppy love is real to puppies.” I never really thought about it much until this week. I told a 5 year old boy, let’s call him “Romeo,” to come play. Normally a very active child, I found him on bench talking with a girl. Romeo’s response, in a thick childish Russian accent, as he stood up nice and tall and dramatically proclaimed, “She does not want to play, and I cannot be without she. I like she. I must be with she.” “Juliet” shyly turned to the side, looked away and batted her little brown eyes.

4) Oh Ivan. How I miss Ivan. Many of my favorite moments were with Ivan. He was a very entertaining child in my class. We often run a 1 lap warm up for PE. One day Ivan wasn’t running. Instead he was bent over digging through rocks. I asked him what he was doing and he insisted, “I’m discovering real gold Mrs. Runyan!” I offered to hold his ‘gold’ while he ran a lap, but he accused me of wanting to steal it. Can you believe it? Me, stealing Ivan’s gold from the school track!

5) While pregnant with Nya, a 6 year old student patted my belly, waived to it, and said with his hand to the side of his mouth to make louder for Nya to hear, “Hi Mrs. Runyan’s baby!” Pretty cute, really, and it was the only unsolicited belly touch that didn’t creep me out.

6) Connor: "Mr. Runayn, I know who your girlfriend is." Adam: "Oh you do!" Connor: "Yeah!" Adam: "Who is my girlfriend?" Connor: "Mrs. Runyan!"

7) Did you know I am a superstar? At least, I feel like one when I walk into the lunch room or down the hallway and 50-something 5-6 year old shout, “It’s Mrs. Runyan!” And, then proceed to charge me all at once. This was the case when I was washing my hands in the bathroom and I was spotted by one of my 5 year olds. “Mrs. Run is in the bathroom!” She shouted to her classmates down the hall. Immediately the class of 12 students, boys and girls, came rushing in the girl’s bathroom to give me a hug. Autographs anyone?

I’m sure there are many moments missing from this list. However, I can’t help but smile when I reminisce about these special times. There will be many more to come!


Meredi said...

You've always been a superstar!! (and look how much you've become fond of kids!!).

Aimee said...

I loved this post! My mom is a teacher, she always has cute stories, but never writes them down. Kids make every day so much fun :)

(Thanks for sharing!!)