Sunday, January 14, 2007

Let the fun begin!

This has been a very humbling experience so far. We have had a great time learning spanish and meeting people. We can already see our spanish improving, although I (Kris) did tell someone I have three husbands, in attempt to say I've been married for three years. I have become one of the following: a nerd, a good student, a very committed person, or just desparate, as I read the Spanish-English dictionary when we go to bed.

The food has been great here. We get three meals a day, which Adam loves, and everything is very fresh. I have had some very tasty, and juicy mangos. The food is almost always unique and colorful.

Yesterday definately broke me in for what is to come, as I completely had to let go of my obsesive compulsiveness. For starters, during lunch we sat with the girls. They were delighted to have us sit next to them. I was enjoying my meal when the cute little girl, Brigitte, next to me sneezed on my arm and plate. I admitt I was a little discusted, but here you just don't waste food. Another interesting experience was at dinner. We had chicken noodle soup, which included the whole chicken, even the feet. The girls loved them, they ate the skin and even sucked on the toes. God knows me well, my bowl had a piece of white meat!

Before dinner we spent time in the girls' house, where they sat me down, brushed my hair, and "styled" it. Then followed my new doo with lip stick and eye shadow. I guess my make up just wasn't dark enough. After looking magnificantly colorful, they soaked me in perfume. I was't fond of using thier lipstick and was afraid I'd get lice, but none so far. But like I said, what a humbling experience! It was hard not to worry about such things, but gratifying to put myself last and enjoy watching the children delight in our presence. They call us tia y tio (aunt and uncle). I don't know why, but they say it with much enthusiasm.

Well, it is now time for me to go play hide-and-seek with the ninos y tio!


Anonymous said...

I love hearing about your adventures!!! Kristen, you crack me up!!! When you come home, I'll make you some chicken toes. Hope you can keep up with the blog, it is invaluable to those of us you left behind...BOOHOO
Riley is fine, got him a new dog tag with my phone #. We get to the dog park about 2 x a week. I sing to Casey.....sometimes. You guys are the bomb....I love you both "all the way up to heaven and all the way down to the bottom of the sea", (Adam knows this phrase..) xx00 GrammyLu

kendra said...

Love hearing your stories. Thanks for sharing. Can't wait to hear more. Let us know how we can be praying for you both too! Oh, and could you send some warm weather our way...please? :)

Ray Porrello said...

Bet you thought I'd leave all the comments to my lovely wife, huh? Nope, I'm giving you a bonefied, 100%, no nonsense official comment from Ray Porrello. So here it is, that bonafied, official comment. There you go.

Much Love,

Carolyn said...

Well written article.