Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Ups and Downs

Everyone, we have an announcement to make. It happened sooner than we thought, and sooner than I had hoped, but I (Kris) helped change a diaper! Well, kind of, I stood behind the madre and used all the Spanish I knew to tell her I was afraid and had no idea what to do. After going into the boys' house I asked the madre, Sarita, if I could help with anything, well that was a dumb idea. She just looked at me and then the baby and smiled. I have been holding him more. His name is Jose David, and he always waddles up to me and reaches his hands out to me, it is kinda cute!

I had a melt down the other day. Things are going great overall, but on Monday I started Lectura, where I have to teach a reading class. For one, I have never liked reading out loud, I don't read in Spanish, and when I ask questions at the end I have no idea what their answers are, so I smile and say good job. I had a group of kids all 6-10 years old and did not know how to teach them, or control them. Since then, I have taught a couple more classes and things are going very well. I am learning very quickly, plus it helps me learn as I read children's books in Spanish.

Adam has been working on the water project, where they are making clean water available to the people of this area. As for now, Peruvians have to walk many miles to get water from the orphanage, or pay money for dirty water. It is a great project to be apart of, but Adam comes home tired and sore, as it is a lot of hard work. While being apart of this project, Adam has learned about the corrupt politics and policemen here. Some people do not like this project because it will affect them making money off of dirty water. Also, a couple days ago they got stopped by a policeman and had to pay money (2 soles about 75 cents) for no wrong doing. Unfortunately the ploice make up stories so you have to pay them.


Anonymous said...

Be very careful Kristen, you keep talking babies and MaryLou and Mom are going to start adding the grandbaby pressure! Just remember the rule...she who gets married first has a baby first! :-) We sure miss you around here! Please be very careful, I hope it wasn't Adam and the people he's building the water pipeline for that had to pay money. We worry about you...please be very careful. Okay, enough big sister talk. Take care and God bless!



Anonymous said...

The 0.75 tax is probably just the beginning of things you will run accross that will remind you that YOU ARE IN A FOREIGN COUNTRY. You have no rights there. AGAIN I BEG YOU - commit this info to memory:
On arriving in Peru, United States citizens are advised to check with the consular section of the American Embasy in Lima at 346 Grimaldo del Solar, Miraflores; telephone 443621 or 443921.
I love you, be safe....Mom