Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Tour of Hogar de Esperanza

Welcome to Hogar de Esperanza! Here are some pictures to show you where we will be until April. It really is great here and the accommodations very comfortable. We have been here for Three weeks and our room definitely feels like home. Our room is very large, clean, and colorful. There are three main buildings for the orphanage; two buildings for the children, divided into four houses (two boys and two girls homes), and then the main building, which holds the apartments, kitchen, laundry room, offices, chapel, and class rooms. There is a very nice playground and many lawns to play soccer on. Also, there are gardens and fields where they grow numerous types of vegetables. On the East side of the Alburgue are the sand dunes and mountains, and no more than a half a mile West is the ocean.

The West side of the main building. The class rooms are the doors on the bottom floor, and the apartments are the second floor. Our room is the window on the far right.

This picture was taken looking East. The Alburgue rests at the base of the sand dunes. The two white buildings are the homes for the children.

This is also an East-facing view, showing the playground, small garden, and part of the second floor. This picture was taken from the roof, it is a beautiful place!

Our bedroom is simple but very comfortable, with plenty of closet space and some beautiful Peruvian artwork.
Here is where we spend much of our time (the food is great, but it goes straight through you!). I can't help but think of my friend Andrea everyday because there are penguins on our shower curtain:)
Our living room is also very nice and spacious, and yes, those are fresh mangos on the table!!! I eat at least one a day!

We are both on the roof, where we like to spend time watching the sunset over the ocean. The sunsets are always so wonderful here. Look at how dark we are!


Anonymous said...

Yeah! I knew Mom and Dad could figure out the blog! They are leaving for California tomorrow (Friday). They will be staying with us Friday night and possibly Saturday. I am glad because I haven't really been able to see them, the snow here has been horrible! Guess what?! You will be coming back just in time to celebrate the first $100,000 for the store! We will be celebrating right about when you get back. It is supposed to happen at the end of March. Brian is doing really well, he has been busy as usual, and is adding to it. He has started a food and wine pairing class on Monday nights while I watch the store. Meredi is still just the best roomy every (short of you, Kristen, of course!) She has been a tremendous help with the dogs, in fact I think they see her as mom now! We shared stories about Riley yesterday. She had a bad day, so I took her on a date! I know you said it could happen when Meredi got sad...I didn't know what to do! But we had a lot of fun. We went to Carraba's for dinner and then rented a movie. She was happy by the time we got home! :-) Thank you for sharing your pictures. I really enjoy reading about what you are doing up there, and of course, as a big sister should, I am bragging to everyone about how terrific you two are! I haven't heard from you in a while, so I imagine you have been very busy. When you have a chance give me a call, I'd love to talk. Love you both! Kim

Anonymous said...

Hey! It is so good to be able to read about how you two are doing. I am excited for you and all that is still in store. I love that your shower curtain has penguins on it, makes me smile. I am doing well since my move back to Boise. Once things settled down from all the family tragedies I got a job and am really enjoying it. I am working at a shelter for children and women who are victims of domestic violence. I am doing administrative work so I don't really interact with the residents or clients but it is still all for a good cause and I really enjoy it. (Of course, I love office work!) Anyway, I just really wanted to say hi and let you know that I am thinking about you two and praying for you. Keep up the good work! and give all those kids huge hugs for me!! Miss you ~ Andrea

Anonymous said...

this is great! I will be here for 9 months pretty soon here! I am glad that your stay was nice, I am looking forward to working with the orphanage

Anonymous said...

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