Tuesday, March 13, 2007

All About Me!

Okay first thing's first! People are saying they enjoy the photos, but they want to see pictures of me too. I had a hard time finding a picture of me becasue, like Kim said in her comment, I am always behind the camera taking pictures. So after a long search, I found one, and here it is....

Here I am on the beach with Jonatan. I promise it is me. Hehe. Just kidding here are some others...

How is this for a photo!!! Not a bad way to spend the day. We have spent much time on the beach, since it is only 1/2 mile. Sometimes we go there to retreat and spend time for just the two of us, but it is fun to take the all the kids also. They love it on the beach and could spend hours running away from, and chasing waves.

On the beach with little Jonatan. Jonatan is an adorable two year old boy who lives at the Albergue with his adorable sister, Blanca Nyeli, who is 5 years old. We have a lot of fun with this little one. I am sure if he lived in the States he would be a football player. He loves to play rough, walks tough, and is a big ball of mass. He looks small, but is very heavy. He loves to tackle me when I am sitting.

Adam and I took the older kids and some of the workers to El Mirador, a day resort. I mentioned it in a pervious post. There were two pools, horse back riding, soccer, volleyball, great food, a mini zoo, live music, games, and ice cream! They all had a lot of fun. We took 11 people out and it only cost $60! Can you believe it, imagine where you could take 11 people in the States for that much money... that included food, entry, and all! And hey, look at that... there I am again! In the pool they tryed to see how high they could go by standing on shoulders. It was impressive.

Above is Maria on the horse. Below is Adam with Yamelit at the mini zoo!


Kim and Brian said...

Look at those chompers! I guess we should leave you behind the camera, Kris! If the first picture is Adam's handy work then I'd find a new photographer! Just Kidding Adam! :-) Great pictures! It looks like you are having fun while you are there, which is so important. The scenery is beautiful, and I am glad to hear you sneak away to spend time together on the beach. It's so important to have those great talks that only occur when you are in a spot of tranquility. The kids look like they really have taken to you, and they always look so happy in the pictures. It's got to be surreal to think of what you have brought to their lives.
Take care. See you in almost a month! :)


Anonymous said...

Hey, I just found out about this and I am so Glad. It is incredible to see you all doing these things. It is good for my heart to know that you guys have such good life and are living it in such a good way. I want to see adam up on that horse like a backcountry ranger (ride em) all right well the wildlife are waiting for me to go harrass them so enjoy.
Lane K

Papa's Apples said...

Hey, whats up? You guys must be in the mountains. I keep looking for an update on whats going on with Kristen and Adam. You know how I like to know whats going on. I love to be included so I'm not missing anything. I know your having a wonderful time and can hardly wait to hear all of your stories. April 7th is just around the corner. All of us are waiting and excited to see you both.
Love ya.....mom