Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Huaraz y Fiestas!

Wow, it has been an incredible week! There are so many stories and so many pictures. I have 156 pictures that I would love to put on this post. Huaraz was absolutely one of the most beautiful places we have been in our lives! It reminded us a lot of Ouray, Colorado, but with much larger mountains, rich in the Peruvian mountain culture, and an abundance of coca tea and candies. We spent four full days in Huaraz, but Adam and I could have stayed a lot longer to climb some of the enticing peaks of the area. The mountain peaks ranged from 17,000ft to 22,000ft, making our 14ers look like rolling hills. On Sunday before we left for Huaraz, we were invited to a fiesta after church. I think the party was put on by the Peruvian mafia. The home we went to was like an oasis, or a resort. It was a very large, clean, beautiful home with gorgeous landscaping, numerous fruit trees, a DJ, and a large outside bar. Quite impressive! Well, it turns out that the home did not belong to the mafia, but a friend's uncle that was in a popular Peruvian band. Still very cool. Many of our friends were there and let me tell you... these Peruvians know how to party! It was quite an experience. First we had a tour of the property, then enjoyed some beans, rice, and goat for lunch. Well... some of us enjoyed it. After lunch we danced salsa, meringue, and other traditional Peruvian dances. The band later played a few songs for us. It was a very authentic experience, as they were all dressed in traditional clothing, and playing unique instruments.
The band just finished playing at another party, then came home and played a few songs for us. The woman dancing is one of the most elegant dancers we have ever seen. She flowed with the music and looked so soft and elegant while she danced. They were all very talented.
This is a good photo to show some of the clothing and instruments used. (Top) Left to right: Charlie, Elva, Liz, and Adam. Liz is the manager of the Albergue and our hefe, boss. She is also a very good friend and we will miss her very much. Liz is a very special person with a very caring heart for the kids. It has been a blessing to get to know her. She is sweet, funny, and does a great job of balancing friendships and being a manager, which I admire.
(Bottom) Liz and me at the party. Some beautiful plants!

Since I have so many amazing photos of Huaraz and many stories, I plan to post a blog for each day we were there. I will post them all in the next couple days. Hope you enjoy the photos, but just wait for the ones to come! Love you all and we will be back home soon. Saturday is our last day here at the Albergue. Then, off to Cusco and Machu Picchu!

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Kim and Brian said...

Well, I am late on my message posting. But, better late than never! It sounds like you two were right at home with the fiesta! Short of the goat, of course! I can just picture you two dancing right along with the Peruvians! I loved reading all the postings you have done for the trip, but I have to leave a message for all the posts! I can't lose my title as "trooper" you know! Kim