Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Parties, Pulling Teeth, and Having Fun!

School has started for all the kids, so it has been really quiet around here. There has not been too much going on. This week has been mostly catching up with laundry, reading books, helping out where needed, and applying for jobs. It is not too long until we are back in the States and having to get back into the swing of fast-pace living. Strange, we see ourselves being torn two ways, wanting to be here much longer and excited to return home.

This month has been quite difficult for me at times. Many long term missionaries we have met say the first two months are exciting and new, the third and fourth months are tough because that is when you really start to miss home. Then after the fourth month, things get a lot easier and you accept this is where you will be for a while. All is very true for me right now. We are entering our third month and I am about ready to see my mommy! We are still having a lot of fun, but with the kids off to school, I do not feel like I am needed as much. Now, I have been watching the little boys for one hour in the day (while Adam teaches English to the mothers), then wait until the kids come back from school in the afternoon. Their school schedule is very similar to ours in the States. They go to school about 7am and return around 2pm, Monday through Friday. When they return it is still very quiet around here, because they have a lot of homework. We are hoping we will be able to play at night before they have to go to bed.
Currently we have only a week and a half left at the Albergue. On Monday we will be going to Huaraz a beautiful mountain town (You should look it up online it is very beautiful!) with Hugo and his wife Sarita, a couple of workers at the Albergue. We are very excited for this trip and I can't wait to post some pictures when I return. Unfortunately, when we get back from Huaraz we will spend our last week at the Albergue packing up and saying good-bye. After we say good-bye, we will be on our way to Lima, where I will go straight to Starbucks, as there are many States chains in Lima. I can't wait! In Lima we will catch our plane to Cuzco, where we will then see Machu Picchu. We will spend five days in Cuzco, which is where Emperor's New Grove, the movie, is based (although many Peruvians do not appreciate the film).

Before school started we spent about every night with the kids. We would spend evenings at the boy's houses and play games and watch movies. On Friday we invited all the girls to our apartment to play games and watch movies... bad idea. Adam and I were exhausted after they left and we decided we wouldn't do that again. Boys are so much more well behaved! Mary Lou, I gave the girls your hair ties and they absolutely loved them. They almost ran me over when they saw what I had. They made them all very happy. Thank you.

Playing Jenga with the boys before school starts. Jenga is very popular here, and it was a lot of fun. we really enjoy spending time with the boys in Sarita and Hugo's house. We are closest to them and the boys.
Many of the boys are loosing their teeth now, and Adam pulled Bryan's. Bryan was the only one tough enough to let Adam do it, and was very proud afterwards.

We took some kids to a large park and then to eat at Rocky's, a nice restaurant loved by all the kids. Jesus (top) and Samir (bottom) spent the day at the park climbing trees. Above is Araceli, one of the children that were returned to the Albergue last week. She is adorable and very sweet. She is in good health and very happy to be at the Albergue. She came over for the all girl's party our apartment and was very well behaved and mature for her age. She was very excited about the hair ties Mary Lou (Adam's mom) gave the girls and was very thankful. As for one of her brothers (below, right), Yen is not in very great health. He was the one returned with a bloated belly and parasites. Today he was taken to the doctor and is in much better health than when he first arrived last week. We hope he continues to get strong and well in no time. He is shy and quiet, but very cute. At first he was a little timid of us, but now he shouts, "Tia" when he sees me. We are buddies. I can't wait for these little ones to be adopted into a wonderful caring family.

Little Yen, 2 years old


Anonymous said...

Hey guys, The count down is on. Less than a month to go. I'm glad you planned your little vacations at the end, it will help you transition from missing the kids, and give you something "new and exciting" to experience before you come home. I'm so glad you were able to make this trip at this time in your lives, before mortgages and kids keep you close to home. What an awesome adventure, a trip of a lifetime. But knowing you two, there will be many more of those in your future. I'll be so glad to have you home. I'm off to San Francisco for 5 days to spend some time with Jan and Linda. A much needed respite.
I'm glad the girls liked the hair ties, girls are girls, anywhere you go. We all like to primp a little. I love you both sooooo much. Be safe.....

Kim and Brian said...

Hi you two! Kristen I just missed your call and checked your message to see if you had posted a new message and you did! It's funny you had a dream about Starbucks, sometimes I do and I am no more than a mile away! You sounded a little sad, I hope everything is ok. Hang in there, you'll be home soon. And then we can meet in Springs for Starbucks and Panera (or Mexican food if the craving is still there!)

I miss you so much! See you soon.

Love ya,

Kim, Brian, Bailey, Max and Nali (Meredi too, but she's in Mexico!)

Papa's Apples said...

Hi my babies, Sorry I missed all of your phone calls Kristen, I was over at granny's and papa's house working to make it look pretty. I put in lots of flowers and weeded. Looks more like it used to. Dads been doing the manly stuff, putting in new bark, fixing the broken fence, the one granny backed into, and yard work. I don't know if Kim told you on the 29th I was suppose to do the deposition with the lawyers of Olive Ridge. Well I changed all of my appointments in Pueblo so I could put this behind me. I got a call today that Michael, papa's lawyer, could not do it on the 29th. Bummer!! They said they will see what can be done and let me know. I miss you also. You guys are going to have such a wonderful time next week on your trip. Next time you go to Peru maybe dad and I can go. We still are trying to figure out this new retirement adventure. Dad is taking this retirement really good so far. He has not been bored, he is getting a workout living on the farm. We sure do love seeing and reading about your life in Peru. You guys are amazing. You both have so much to offer the kids and the facility. When it is time for you to come home, it will be hard on you both, not to mention, the children. I'm so glad you guys had this opportunity. We look foward to seeing you both real soon. Love and and dad

Shannon & Kim said...

Just got your blog address from Mary Lou. The pictures are great. What a great adventure! The best part is the love you have given these kids. You two are awesome.

Carla said...

Hey Kristen and Adam! Sorry I haven't written in a while! I've been so so so busy!!! I sold my car! I was so happy! It looks like your both having lots of fun! I totally would love to have the tan you two have gotten! Lucky ducks! Keep me posted when you'll be home! Have fun!


Anonymous said...

Yen's whole family just got adopted. All five of the them